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Muten Sutra

wu-wei -- the art of doing nothing effectively

2 January 1984
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I am not very good at making profiles, but I am very good at making lists.

* I do not watch television. I hate it. And I never see movies.
* I used to be a big anime/manga fan, but now I only care about Saiyuki.
* I have Celiacs and eat a Gluten Free diet. I also enjoy Foraging wild foods.
* I am Lolita, mostly a sweet-ish classic style. (See egl.)
* I have a very dry and quirky sense of humor. Apparently. (Leads to frequent misunderstandings.)
* My website is http://blackpeopleexist.org/. (It's down right now.)
* I hope to publish a novel someday (I'm working on it, I swear)
* I am painting an Emperor's Children army for WH40K, but I am very slow at it.
* I love antiques and would give up my access to technology for them.

Rainbows are for fags.

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